Post-it Note Wall for 2013

Last year I put up a Post-It note wall for 2012. They weren't New Year's resolutions; rather, they were goals and wishes. If I didn't do them, that was okay, they were just things to aim for and guide me. I actually did quite a lot of them which was aweosme but I felt really happy just walking by them the whole year and having them as reminders.

So 2013, here's a new wall of Post-Its. Bring it.

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That's all. Just "best" :)


If you want an easy pizza base recipe just let me know :) We have them about once a month.

Love this wall as always :) I sat down and wrote a list of things I want to do and be this year. Like you said, not resolutions just things I want to achieve and not necessarily from 1st January.

Happy New Year!!!

Bel: awesome, yes I'd love the recipe! Good luck with your list :)