Rakish White Goatee

Many months ago I was reading an article about the Obama family's new dog Bo. Halfway through the article, I read this:

"Bo's a handsome little guy. Well suited for formal occasions at the White House, he's got tuxedo-black fur, with a white chest, white paws and a rakish white goatee."

I burst out laughing....and laughing.

I was so thoroughly amused at the description of Bo, particularly the "rakish white goatee". Maybe it seems silly to you that I would laugh so hard at something so small, but it felt fantastic.

I clipped that particular paragraph out of the newspaper and have it pinned to the bottom of my monitor at work. Whenever I need a little boost, I read it and can't help but smile.

ke rn

Oh my.

I can't even tell you how awesome I think this is. In fact, go run over to the etsy site and check out their other stuff. CTRL-Z necklaces! Helevetica necklaces! Avant garde necklaces! Phewww.

This ring set reminds me of two things:

Sitting in my design class in my last year of university. My instructor told us, "No one is going to tell you 'beautiful kerning!' or 'great leading'! It just is."

Whenever I am using the gym in my building, I wince a little when I use the 15lb weights. The 1 and the 5 are placed just  far apart from each other to be noticeable. It's as if they are still a couple, but not quite...like one of them is annoyed with the other.

Paper Heart

I actually got giddy when I watched this trailer for the first time.

It's just so sweet and I love when the little girl says the perfect date is to "take somebody to Applebee's and get them hot wings".

It would be even sweeter if this were a real documentary. Mush.