Snail Tour

When I was in University, my good friend Lauren and I would talk about taking a trip to Europe.

I don't remember why, but we dubbed it Snail Tour. It probably came from some delirium during a late night study session drinking insane amounts of coffee and eating sugary snacks. We doodled snails in the margins of our notebooks and talked about which countries we would see.

In 2006, Snail Tour happened. I spotted these snails today and thought of exploring new places. And how I love Italy.


Wherever you go, go with all your heart ~ Confucius

I found this flower during a walk through Noe Valley. I don't know what it is, but it was so vibrant and open.

Take Heart

An email excerpt from a dear friend:

Life isn't lived in's lived in the tiny moments that are whatever they are.  Trying to force them to be otherwise, thinking that they need to be something else is a guaranteed recipe for disappointment.  You are lovely.  Your life is lovely.  But I can't prove it.  You have to.  In the end, our lives will be a collection of what we each made of them.  Capsules of moments that delighted us, made us afraid, captured our attention, and showed us we are holy and magical.  We each decide if we are willing to be responsible for the people we are.  In the end, this is all but a dream have nothing to lose, dear one...and you need no one's permission but your own.